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Celebrate Dyslexia Schools (CDS) is on a mission to serve a historically marginalized community by educating dyslexic children through evidence- based intervention in an enriching, emotionally safe environment.  

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TEA reports that 4.5% of students in Region 20 were receiving dyslexia services.  Twenty percent of students that cross the threshold of school every day have dyslexia, whether identified or not. That means up to 71,145 children in our Region are not getting the services they need to read at grade level

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Across the country, it costs an average of nearly $30,000 a year to attend a private school geared toward providing a specialized education for dyslexic students. Due to these prohibitive costs, the majority of dyslexic students are not able to access the tools they need.  


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According to a study conducted by the Youth Trust Report, 74% of classroom teachers do not feel satisfied that their initial teacher training provided them with the skills they need to identify and teach children with dyslexia

Celebrate Dyslexia Logo
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I didn’t succeed despite my dyslexia, but because of it. It wasn’t my deficit, but my advantage. Although there are neurological trade-offs that require that I work creatively [and] smarter in reading, writing and speaking, I would never wish to be any other way than my awesome self.”

- Scott Sonnen


To be a technologically innovative incubator for best practices that lead the dyslexic community, through the integration of structured literacy, social emotional support, and providing opportunities to lift the entire family into literacy through systems and processes that will overcome generational poverty and the school-to-prison pipeline.  By including strategic local and national thought partners, this work will add to the dyslexic community’s body of knowledge and saturate the San Antonio community with well trained teachers and educated students who become skilled readers. 


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Celebrate Dyslexia Schools is a response of the need identified through our partner organization Celebrate Dyslexia - launched in 2019 with the mission to celebrate, educate, and empower the one in five with dyslexia.

Work done at Celebrate Dyslexia Schools will impact our entire dyslexic community all over the city. With a university partnership, teachers will be trained and begin impacting every campus in our community.

Celebrate Dyslexia Schools Logo


Jasmin Dean Co-Founder and Executive Director of Celebrate Recovery

Jasmin Dean

Jasmin Dean is the co-founder and Executive Director of Celebrate Dyslexia, a non-profit organization fostering a community to celebrate, educate and empower the 1 in 5 with Dyslexia

Alfred Breuer Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Alfred Breuer 

Alfred Breuer is an advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and leads outreach efforts for the San Antonio and Corpus Christi regions of the San Antonio Branch.

Michelle Cantu Consultant

Michelle Cantu

Michelle Cantu has over 10 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition and currently works as an Employee Relations Consultant specializing in HR investigations for Nationwide Insurance, a Fortune 100 company

Shareen Raduscsa

Shereen Radusca

With nearly 20 years of experience in the acquisition, disposition, asset and portfolio management and co-development of affordable and military housing, Mrs. Radusca possesses a unique blend of real estate advisory qualifications.

Tracy Weeden

Tracy Weeden

Tracy Weeden is a leader  dedicated to advancing literacy success for all, and academic excellence for children regardless of zip code. Weeden has spent her career developing innovative academic programs while scaling transformational systems change.

Roger Hackett

Roger Hackett

Roger is an innovator with extensive experience in the mobile and publishing industry where he helped revolutionize the entertainment experience with products like the iPod, WebTV/UltimateTV, Microsoft Surface  and more.

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